Propel Sinus Implant

Propel Implant Can Be an Effective Solution for Chronic Sinusitis

Sinusitis refers to inflammation of the sinuses that blocks the nasal passages and causes chronic infections. If you’re dealing with chronic sinusitis, you’re not alone. This condition affects around 30 million Americans each year.

If medication doesn’t relieve your symptoms or you’re interested in a long-term solution, surgery to enlarge the sinus cavities is another potential option. This relieves symptoms by opening your sinus openings to improve drainage and increase airflow. One way of achieving this is the Propel implant, which is one of the sinus surgeries we offer at Charleston ENT & Allergy.

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How Does Propel Work?

Propel is a dissolvable, steroid-releasing implant that decreases inflammation during the healing process that follows sinus surgery and ensures that the sinuses remain open. Propel was approved by the FDA in 2013 and decreases the risks of post-surgical scarring that can impair sinus drainage and airflow.

The implant, inserted during an endoscopic sinus procedure, delivers an anti-inflammatory steroid that gradually dissolves over four to six weeks.

What Is the Surgery To Receive a Propel Implant Like?

The procedure will be performed at our surgery center, during which you’ll receive general anesthesia. Our surgeon will insert an endoscope into your nose to view any inflamed nasal tissue or polyps. They will perform any needed tissue removal before inserting the Propel implant.

After sinus surgery, many patients experience some bleeding, drainage or mild pain. Your doctor will discuss best aftercare practices and ways to minimize these symptoms. They may also prescribe antibiotics, pain medication and a nasal rinse.

What Are the Next Steps?

If your sinusitis symptoms are disrupting your life, the Propel sinus implant may be able to bring relief. Our team at Charleston ENT & Allergy will work with you to determine if Propel will be a good fit for you. Whether your next steps involve a Propel implant or another option, our otolaryngologists will work with you to find the best way to relieve your symptoms.