Expand Your Hearing With Earlens

Hear What the Future Sounds Like with Earlens

In today’s age of technology, devices that enhance your hearing can take a variety of forms. If traditional hearing aids or implantable hearing devices aren’t a good fit for you, that’s not a problem. Charleston ENT & Allergy can provide you with other options like Earlens that can help you become more connected to the sounds of your environment.

What Is Earlens?

Earlens is a hearing device that consists of a small lens that’s placed on your eardrum by an ENT provider. Because Earlens does not rely on a speaker to amplify sounds, as many traditional hearing aids do, it can help you hear a wider range of noises. In 2020, Earlens was honored as one of Time Magazine’s top 100 inventions.

How Does Earlens Work?

Earlens amplifies sound by vibrating directly on the eardrum. Here’s how that happens:

  • The behind-the-ear processor collects and analyzes sound, then transfers it to the Ear Tip.
  • The Ear Tip converts the sound into pulses of energy.
  • This energy tells the lens to vibrate on your eardrum, allowing you to hear the sound.

How Does Earlens Differ From Other Hearing Devices?

Earlens is different than both implantable hearing devices and traditional hearing aids.

Unlike implantable devices like cochlear and auditory brainstem implants, Earlens does not require surgery.

Because many conventional hearing aids use speakers to relay sounds to their users, they’re limited in the range of frequencies they can comfortably amplify. While traditional hearing aids often struggle to relay sounds lower than 50 Hz and higher than 5.5 kHz, Earlens can amplify from 125 Hz to 10 kHz. This allows you to be more connected to your environment and all the sounds in it, whether it’s conversations with family and friends, classroom discussions or your favorite songs.

What Are the Benefits of Earlens?

  • Does not require surgery to begin use.
  • Allows you to better hear a wide range of sounds.
  • Customizable settings for different environments.
  • Compatible with the Apple iPhone, allowing you to take calls and stream music through your Earlens.

What Maintenance Does Earlens Require?

The processor has a battery that you will recharge each night. The lens is powered by energy from the Ear Tip and does not require a battery.

 The lens can be cleaned and kept working properly using mineral oil.

Some parts of the Earlens, like the processor and Ear Tip, can be removed by the wearer. However, the lens itself should only be removed by an ENT physician.

How Can I Get Started with Earlens?

At Charleston ENT & Allergy, we’re eager to partner with you in the process of getting Earlens. We’re here to support you whether you have additional questions about the technology or are ready to begin using it. Embarking on a hearing loss treatment plan is a significant endeavor, and we want you to find the option that works best for you.

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