Pediatric Hearing Aids Enrich Their Life

Amplify the Volume of Your Child’s World with Pediatric Hearing Aids 

From the laughter of other kids on the playground to parents reading books aloud, childhood is filled with sounds. If your child is experiencing hearing loss, they can connect with many of these noises using hearing aids. At Charleston ENT & Allergy, we can support your child’s hearing health care needs. 

How Many Children Experience Hearing Loss? 

According to the CDC’s 2019 Hearing Screening and Follow-Up Survey, 1.7 per 1,000 babies screened were diagnosed with hearing loss. Additionally, the CDC found that between 1997 and 2005, 5 per 1,000 children ages 3-17 experienced hearing loss. 

Child with a visible hearing aid standing in front of a school bus. He is holding an apple and has his backpack on. He smiling and mid-laugh.

How Do Hearing Aids Work? 

Hearing aids consist of a microphone that amplifies sound, a processor that analyzes sound and a speaker that delivers the sound to the ears. The device is powered by a battery.

When Can My Child Begin Wearing Hearing Aids? 

Hearing aids can be put on babies who are just several months old. 

How Do Pediatric Hearing Aids Differ From Models Made for Adults? 

  • They’re sturdier to handle wear-and-tear from children better. 
  • The battery cases are tamper-resistant to ensure that children do not swallow or mishandle them. 
  • They often include a light to indicate whether or not the device is properly working, allowing parents and teachers to check them quickly. 

How Can I Make Sure My Child Wears Their Hearing Aids? 

  • Begin using the hearing aids in quieter environments and build up to using it in areas with more sound.
  • Explain how the hearing aids will help them using age-appropriate concepts and vocabulary. 
  • Consider decorating the hearing aids. 
  • Engage in fun activities while your child is wearing their hearing aids
  • Secure the hearing aids in place by using medical tape, pinning them to your child’s shirt or with headbands or hats. 

We’re Here for Your Family 

As a parent, it’s natural to worry about your kid, particularly if you think they might have health concerns like hearing loss. At Charleston ENT & Allergy, we can help your family navigate this time. Whether it’s determining what hearing treatment plan works best for your child or helping them wear the device consistently, we’re in your corner.

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